Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The CFC Awards

After bidding adieu to awards season I realized there was one ceremony left- my own! What's the point of having a blog about movies without getting to hand out a few (faux) movie awards of your own? So, I present to you

The CFC Movie Awards

Criteria: The movies we're talking about were released in 2011 (and conveniently for you, many of them are available for rental right now!) Personally, I'm much more about specific movie lines or quotes or moments. I will describe to you my favorite part of any favorite movie if you want to listen. ( Most people don't.) So we're awarding movie moments-not performances, scripts, art direction, etc.

Best Kiss- hands down, Hannah (Emma Stone) and Jacob (Ryan Gosling) in Crazy, Stupid, Love. In a matter of minutes, Hannah slams down her drink, breaks up with her douchey boyfriend, and is making out with NoahCalhoun in a bar. Awesome.

Best Please Pass the Tissues Moment- I would say the entire 2 hours and 26 minutes of The Help but I did say moments so I will go with the very beginning where Aibileen lifts Mae Mobley out of the crib and says for the first time " You is kind, you is smart, you is important." Oh god, I'm tearing up just typing that. I loved the book so, so much and as soon as that happened I just knew the movie was going to be wonderful.

Best LOL- Ok so I know Melissa McCarthy was hilarious and all but I really don't think Kristen Wig and Rose Byrne got enough attention for their wonderful frenemies chemistry in Bridesmaids. I laughed and cried the entire movie, but the part when I really lost it was at the bridal shower. When Helen gives Lillian a trip to Paris and Annie has finally had enough. "Are you f***ing kidding me?!" she yells. That turns into one long hilarious rant which wraps up with Annie confronting Lillian about her... um, bleaching. Anyways, I think we've all felt like just standing up and yelling " Are you kidding me?!" Expletives or not.

Best Swoonworthy Conversation- Okay it involves Justin Timberlake. Does that surprise you? Anyways, there's this part in Friends With Benefits when Dylan and Jamie are trading compliments and first impressions before they actually get down to business.
Dylan: I liked your eyes. I didn't think I'd ever seen such big beautiful eyes.
Jamie: And your lips. Yeah, thought you might be a good kisser.
Dylan: I am.
Jamie: I liked your hands.
Dylan: Mouth.
Jamie: Butt.
Dylan: Voice.
Jamie: Chest.
Dylan: Eyes.
Jamie: You said that.
Dylan: I meant it.
It looks dumb written out but it is SO cute in person. In person? Did I just put myself in a romantic comedy? Oops.

Best Falling In Love Sequence- Nothing irritated me more than when my facebook feed the night after the Oscars was filled with people saying "A silent movie won best picture! F that!" Sorry, so much cursing tonight. Just see The Artist, okay? Then you can complain (not in silence!) all you'd like. Anyways, there's this really lovely scene when George Valentin and Peppy Miller share a dance as he is filming a new movie. He keeps losing track of what he is supposed to do next as he dances with her for a bit longer each take. Its so sweet and funny and of course now I'm in love with George too.

Best Dance- Footloose came out on DVD last week and of course I immediately needed to watch it. I must say, I was appalled with how cheesy it was! What a difference 5 months and a birthday make! Actually, I know I thought it was absurd the first time around but I still adored the line dancing scene. And Ren McCormick. And red cowboy boots.

Best Musical Interlude-Have you seen Country Strong? It's okay, most people didn't. I thought it was highly underrated. A great cast and great new country songs! Especially this number between the very dreamy Garrett Hedlund as Beau Hutton and Leighton Meester as Chiles Stanton.

Best Style- This is Chick Flick Chic after all. Maybe it's because I'm enjoying the warmer weather, but I'd like to award this to Something Borrowed. The things I didn't enjoy about the book continued to bother me in the movie. Sleeping with your best friend's fiancee is just wrong, I don't care if she's a bitch. Also why is Rachel such a doormat? Kate Hudson and John Krasinksi were adorable though and totally stole the show as Darcy and Ethan. And I LOVED Darcy's summer in the city/weekends in the Hamptons wardrobe.

Speaking of style, if I'm hosting an awards show then I need a kickass dress. I've been really into Elie Saab on the red carpet lately so I've selected this gown from the Spring 2012 collection. The color, the sequins, the high slit (no Angelina pose, I promise.) I die.

And the final two awards of the evening-
Actor of the Year- Ryan Gosling. Sexy, confident, and crazy in love in Stupid Crazy Love. Intense, passionate and calculating in The Ides of March. Strong, silent, and often very bloody in Drive. It still isn't over NoahCalhoun!

Actress of the Year- Emma Stone. Crazy Stupid Love, Friends with Benefits and the Help. Possibly my three favorite movies of the year. And to think it all started when she turned down Jonah Hill in Superbad.

So, that's all folks. And I won't talk about awards season again! Until the Emmys of course. Only 6 months away . . .


  1. I really liked this post :)

    and do need to go see The Artist... haha #guilty.