Sunday, July 29, 2012

CFC Class- Whales and Tigers and movies- oh my!

First, read and watch this story on recently released footage from a trainer being attacked by a whale at Seaworld in 2006.  I'm not trying to ruin your fun at the zoo, but I think its important to realize that these animals probably aren't having the best time living in captivity for our enjoyment.

Anderson Cooper: Whale Attacked to Send Message

And speaking of zoos, please read Life of Pi.  When the boat carrying Pi's family and the animals from their zoo sinks in a storm, he has to survive on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger.  One of my very favorite books, ever!!

And last, please the watch the new trailer for the Life of Pi movie, directed by Oscar winner Ang Lee! 

Class discussion: Have you read Life of Pi?  Do you ever feel bad for Shamu?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fred, she's gotten her boobies.

Happy Birthday Chick Flick Chic!  I love you more than I ever could have imagined when I first posted on 7/28/11.  Thanks for giving me an outlet to proclaim my love for pop culture and post pictures of outfits gone right.

I hope you can avoid being felt up by your grandparents and that Jake Ryan makes all of your wishes come true.

The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises is certainly . . . ambitious.  Class warfare, a nuclear bomb, and a villain whose ominous threats you can barely decipher? Isn't it enough to simply wrap up the greatest superhero trilogy ever?

Apparently not.  We've also got Christian Bale's "the batman" at his most vulnerable and most attractive.  Good lord, that man is gorgeous.  Also Anne Hathaway has a delightful time as the sexy and smart Selina Kyle.  Her catwoman is almost too much fun for such a dark movie.  Joseph Gordan Levitt is perfection as a young cop and Michael Caine is heartbreaking as Bruce Wayne's ever faithful butler.

However, as the movie started to drag, I wondered; how many times do I have to watch the dark knight fall before he rises? If I had only know the crazy plot twist and completely epic ending that lay ahead I wouldn't have been so restless. 

 The Dark Knight Rises manages to close this chapter in Gotham's history with respect to the past and more than enough hope for the future.  Turns out the movie's ambition wasn't quite so blind, even with a mask on.

The Dark Knight Rises, rated "R," action, starring Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordan Levitt "B+"

Monday, July 23, 2012


The other night, I was chatting with my friend Lauren about how to tell a potential suitor that she just wasn't interested.  "Well, what would Emily Maynard do?" I asked.

After last night, we know exactly what she would do.  She would let him down gently (although not very directly), she would choose the greatest guy to ever wear a magnetic boutonniere, and she would go down in history as the greatest Bachelorette of all time.

Also, she would wear some really cute clothes.  Emily's dress and boots for her date with sure shot Jef inspired my look for last Friday night.

And ever since I saw Emily on Live with Kelly in a romper and belt and blazer, I've been wanting to restyle my own printed onesie.

Final roses and fake ponytails aside, I think we can all agree that last night's episode accomplished the impossible.  For once, reality tv seemed real.  And if you ever feel the need to ask yourself WWEMD, I'll tell you the answer.  Stay true to yourself, trust your instincts, never give up on love and you too will find your Forever.  With one f. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Required Reading

When I finished grad school a lot of people asked me what I was going to do with my free time.  Besides working out more (check!) blogging more (working on it) and just loving life without homework ( I really didn't have any concrete plans.  However I hoped that even without some sort of scholarly obligation I would still want to learn and analyze and discuss.

Lately I've been wanting everyone to read something I enjoyed or watch a movie I loved and talk about it with me.  I guess sometimes I miss the opportunity for class discussion.  Or maybe just the chance to hear myself talk.  So please indulge me for a minute and review this syllabus.

Recently everyone has been talking about working moms.  It's kind of amazing that the media is so focused on moms who work but we never, ever hear about "working dads." 

Anyways, this whole conversation got stirred up about a month ago with this piece in The Atlantic.

Why Women Still Can't Have it All

Nora Ephron passed away right after it was published and I love to think that she would have referenced her commencement address when answering the question "Can women really have it all?"

Wellesley Commencement Address 1996

I'm sure you've heard the name Marissa Mayer, the new Yahoo CEO, after this week but this NPR story is a great wrap up of the chatter surrounding her new position and pregnancy.

All Eyes Are On Yahoo's New Female CEO

And finally, please watch I Don't Know How She Does It starring SJP.  This movie made me laugh but it really made me think.  Which, except for determining outfit inspiration, I can't say about every romantic comedy.

Class dismissed!

Friday, July 20, 2012


No one should go to the movies or go to school or anywhere at all and have to fear for their lives.  I'm so sad about the Colorado theater shooting.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Who knew that the wacky roommate from Notting Hill could also be a wacky scientist and comic book villan?
And who knew that Spider-Man was just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him?

For me, The Amazing Spider-Man soared during the awkward high school romance but lost its footing in actual superhero interactions.  Though my knowledge of comic books is limited, I know that the nerdiness, insecurity and search for identity are a huge part of Spider-Man lore.  However he is a superhero and I was hoping for more thrills during in the fight against evil.

Do you what I'm no longer fighting?  A gigantic crush on Andrew Garfield.

I mean, I thought his superb performance was the best part of an otherwise over-hyped The Social Network.
But when I saw him and my girl Emma Stone cavorting all around town I was like, really Emma?  After making out with NoahCalhoun this is happening?
I get it now.  
The ability to fight crime and maintain perfectly mussed hair?  Now that's superhuman.

The Amazing Spider-Man, rated "PG-13," action, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone "B-"

Monday, July 16, 2012


It's good to be George Clooney.

That's Jenna and Channing Tatum out on Lake Como, btw.  I'm confused about how they became friends.  Is it the Oceans/Magic Mike/ Steven Soderbergh connection?