Monday, August 29, 2011

No pictures, please

Sometimes when I need to leave my apt and my hair is messy unwashed, I throw on a hat and like to think I'm Reese . . .

or January . . .

or Jennifer . . .

just trying to avoid the paparazzi.

Then I remember, I'm me, taking pictures of myself in my mirror.

Celebs- they're not just like us.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flair for the Dramatic

Speaking of great movie musicals . . . this weekend we went to see a production of West Side Story. Have you ever seen the movie?

Fantastic. I saw it for the first time in middle school and again when we were studying Romeo and Juliet. Side note: I remember thinking R + J was uber romantic as a teenager. They were so in love they couldn't live without each other! Now I'm like, what fools! Teenage love? Not worth your life! Cynicism and wrinkles: unfortunate side effects of aging.

Anyways, I decided to wear something inspired by the sassy ladies of the Sharks.

I told my boyfriend "maybe we should try a pic that doesn't look so posed?"

Yeah, not what I was going for.

Here I am, a tad dramatic.

But a rumble with the Jets is no laughing matter.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Did you know (morning commercials part II)...

that the song from the Tropicana "good morning" commercial . . .

is actually Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly, and Donald O'Connor from Singing in the Rain?

specifically "Good Morning", arguably one of the greatest dance scenes from one of the greatest movie musicals ever?

and that cute little Debbie Reynolds was only 19? Gene Kelly made her practice this so many times her feet bled!

Here's Debbie now, you may remember her from one of Oprah's last episodes!

Isn't her dress precious?

Reminds me of what the Duchess wore to Prince Edward Island . . .

Not to mention that her pleated skirt would totally be in right now. . .

I just need that paisley skirt and some tap shoes and I'm ready for fall!

What's your favorite movie musical?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Movie Quote of the Day

"But I want you to WANT to do the dishes!"- The Break-Up

Haven't we all felt like this? But here's the thing. No one, I mean no one, wants to do the dishes.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Growing Up- Its Complicated

Something weird happens when you're in your mid-twenties. People your age start becoming doctors, lawyers, and professors. You realize that adults who you once thought had all the answers are actually just kids who grew up and went to school for awhile. This doesn't make them any less credible, it just makes them human.

I was chatting with my friend Carly about this and she said something so wise- and true!

"Easily one of the worst things about growing up is realizing adults are just as clueless and emotional as us."

After college I realized there was no grown up behavior code. Adults gossiped, threw hissy fits, cried in public, and sometimes felt completely lost. They were just like me! Kidding . . . sort of.

One of my favorite movies, Its Complicated, is a perfect example of this. Five reasons I love this movie:

1. The adults really don't act like adults! They have affairs, they talk about sex with their friends, the smoke pot! And its all hilarious!

2. John Krasinksi's character, Harley, is totally swoonworthy. He's the the type of guy you would love for a sister best friend yourself to date.

3. The movie features the cutest family. You can tell that they are so close and its a nice change from other dysfunctional family plots.

4. Meryl Streep's kitchen, house, and whole life! She owns an adorable bakery! She has beautiful California home! She bakes chocolate croissants on a first date!

5. I think Alec Baldwin is kind sexy. Yeah, I'm serious.

That's the other thing they don't tell you about turning 26. You start to find 53 yr old men attractive.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Did you know. . .

that the music teacher from Target's hilarious back to school commercial . . .

is the also the air marshal from Bridesmaids....

and also the real life of husband of Melissa McCarthy?

Did you also know that this commercial is shown during every break of the Today show and therefore I spend most of my morning singing "denim! something somthing and denim! blah blah tunics!"

Well now you know!

One Day Review

Hmm. . . what to say about this movie.

What I liked: Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess were great as Emma and Dexter. Dexter was just as cool, charismatic, and at times, hopeless, as I expected him to be. And Emma (played by a makeover expert!) blossomed beautifully from a sweet, awkward college grad to a lovely and accomplished writer. The script was very close to the book (which I loved) and pieces of the dialogue were word for word. Some moments were very touching, especially the scene in Paris. I loved Emma's dress in this scene and would like to wear it to meet by imaginary Parisian boyfriend.

What I didn't like: The book was certainly somber, but the movie was a total downer. The few bits of humor (straight from the book) were lost in British accents and quiet moments. A certain scene at the end was shown in detail that I though was completely out of place. Im not sure if I could have liked it more without having read the book. I am sure that the book was better and you should spend your Saturday night reading it, instead of at the movies.

Last night I went to this movie with my best friend and former roommate. We have lived in the same building, house, or apartment for the past 8 years. Its incredibly unique to live with someone (who is not your spouse or relative) from ages 18 to 26, and I wouldnt have had it any other way.

Last night I also heard some very sad news about someone I knew for a short period of time a few years ago. I can't stop thinking about his life, although I really only knew him for one day.

We tend to think about days as part of the bigger picture of time. We can't believe the summer has flown by or we wish a week would hurry up and end. In One Day, Emma says "No matter what happens tomorrow, we had today, I'll always remember it."

Just one day is not a lifetime, but it is a piece of a life. And right now I'm trying to be thankful for every single day.

One Day, rated "PG-13," romantic drama, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, C

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something Sparkly on my Ring Finger

For the past couple of days my fingers have looked like this. . .

By "this" I don't mean weirdly small and stubby,they're always like that. I mean I have a "ring finger manicure"

I first saw this trend on Vanessa Hudgens

and then it popped up on various
bloggers- and I decided to make mine pink and obnoxiously sparkly.

No less than 5 people have commented with "are you looking for something else sparkly on your ring finger?" or "is that supposed to be a hint for someone?" or "are you trying to trick someone into proposing?"


First of all, my boyfriend is not a raccoon who is blindly attracted to anything shiny and will suddenly be mesmerized by my nails. Second, I'm not trying to trick anyone... nor do I need to thankyouverymuch. Third, if that was all it took to get engaged I know girls who would have glittered up their nails at age 20 and called it a day. No need to go to college looking for a MRS degree.

And finally, please do not assume that because I am in my 20s and because I am not married that I spend all my time plotting so I can get this. . .

or this. . .

Well, I would like that closet.

And I guess that's all I have to say about that.

Wow, even Forrest Gump got married one day.

It was probably his manicure.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Movie Quote of the Day

"That's your problem! You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie. "- Sleepless in Seattle
Say what you want about Rosie O'Donnell but she perfected the rom-com sassy best friend AND was handpicked to film her new talk show in Oprah's old studio by the queen of HARPO herself. You go girl.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Everybody Cuts Loose

Have you seen the new trailer for the Footloose remake? While I am completely opposed to a Dirty Dancing remake, I am getting excited about Footloose!
As soon as I watched this my heart began to race and I started to sweat. I then realized this song, Sour Cherry by The Kills, has been on my running playlist for the past year, so I think I've got a Pavlov/salivating dog situation going on. Or maybe I'm just REALLY excited about this movie for the following reasons. . .
1) I love teen dance movies. The dancing is always "forbidden" which is pretty badass. I was not a teenage rebel but if line dancing had qualified as "acting out" I might be eligible for parole right now.
2) The new Ren McCormick is supposedly from Boston and as you can tell from the trailer, has a "Mid-Atlantic" accent. The only thing better than listening to said accent is reading the wikipedia entry.
3) Julianne Hough is one of my top girl crushes AND she's wearing some pretty cute red cowboys boots in the movie.

I would be looking to buy a pair if I hadn't already seen some on Gwyneth in Country Strong. . .

Bought a pair when Frye was having a gigantic online sale. . .

And wore them when I was going through my Rachel Zoe phase. . .

I die.

The End.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Help Review

Today I finally saw The Help! Yes, it came out on Wednesday but I have been anticipating the movie's release since I read the book last August. Usually I try to avoid reading too much about a movie before I see it. However I've read about the casting process, relationship between the book's author and movie's screenwriter, and of course, the controversy. I think this and this sum it up best.
The Help is not a comprehensive view of black maids, race relations in Mississippi, or civil rights in the 1960s. I don't think Kathryn Stockett or Tate Taylor intended it to be. Its just a story- a great story.
What I LOVED about the movie is exactly what I LOVED (even more) in the book. I was 100% invested from the minute Skeeter scribbled "The Help" in her notebook. I cared so much about these characters. I cried and laughed, and laughed until I cried. Towards the end my boyfriend leaned over and whispered " its clear to me that you are on an emotional roller coaster right now."
I was thrilled to watch some of my favorite chapters to come to life thanks to an excellent acting ensemble and a great screenplay. But I couldn't stop thinking about the book. It would have been impossible to include every word in a marketable movie but parts were missing that were hard for me ignore.
When I first wrote about The Help I hoped I would be "pleasantly surprised" by the movie. I was completely captivated! Although its difficult to forget about the novel I loved, and the articles I read, I'll try review the movie for what it is. A great story.

The Help, rated "PG-13,"drama, starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis, A-

A Special Thank You To. . .

One of my best friends Krysta, for the sweet shoutout on her blog! Krysta and I have been friends for 12 years which means she sat next to me and. . .
swooned when Danny and Evelyn got it on in the middle of the parachutes. . .

cheered when Jersey sang her way to Coyote Ugly stardom. . .

and cried when NoahCalhoun drove away from Allie's Seabrook mansion.

Krysta understands the importance of. . .
watching a groom's face when his bride walks down the aisle. . .

and why laughing with your best friends is the best thing in the world.

Krysta's blog Worthy of Being Storied, details her great taste, cute crafts, yummy recipes, hippie meets floral style, and adorable family. She is one of the coolest, hippest moms I know!

Yes, even cooler than Regina George's mom.

You know whats even better than one of my favorite movies? One of my favorite friends. xo

Friday, August 12, 2011

Movie Quote of the Day

So Lisa what were you planning to sing?

"I Feel Pretty ... or... What Do The Simple Folk Do... or I Feel Pretty... I don't know what do you think Daddy?"- Dirty Dancing

I'm choosing to ignore the terrible news about a Dirty Dancing remake and instead singing "Hula Hana" all day long. With the hand motions. Thanks Lisa Houseman!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Book Club: One Day

If you have watched even an hour of tv this week (I've watched about 45 hours) you have probably seen a commercial for One Day. When I saw this trailer in May I immediately bought the book and downloaded One Republic's "Good Life." I'm happy to report that both are excellent!

One Day is one of the most romantic, most realistic love stories I have ever read. There is nothing easy or predictable in this story of two people who you know are meant to be but you fear will never end up together. It reminded me a lot of The Time Traveler's Wife. I thought about fate and soul mates and what happens to relationships over time.

I immediately thought One Day would make a great movie because the book's dialogue is beautiful and tragic and sometimes really funny! I can't wait to see Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess as Emma and Dexter. Until then I'll watch the trailer and say "university" and "disaster" and "teachers" in my fake British accent.

Summer Movie Chic

When I decided to name this blog Chick Flick Chic, it had nothing to do with my ability (or lack thereof) to be "chic." When you are 5'2, with naturally frizzy hair and a propensity for falling flat on your face, being chic is probably not in your (my) cards. However, one of the best things about the traditional chick flick is the clothes! I would say 90% of what I wear is inspired by what I see celebrities wearing- in movies and tv or in paparazzi pics. I would also say I am 100% celebrity obsessed. Anyways, some chick flick outfits I enjoyed this summer...

Although Kristin Wiig's character didn't quite have her act together in Bridesmaids, she did have some cute, casual outfits at the wedding party events.

This summer I found myself wearing sundresses, bright necklaces, and light blazers to work. Thankfully I did not find myself looking at a woman in traditional colonial garb out the window of the plane.

Monte Carlo was a cute teen flick with even cuter outfits!

I've never spent the summer on a madcap jaunt around Europe, but if I did, I like to think I'd look as adorable as Leighton.

When a romantic comedy is based on a popular chick lit read, set in NYC, and starring Kate Hudson, I do not expect it to win an Academy Award. I do expect there to be some great clothes.

Love this cream suit and Kate rocking the natural, beachy curls . . .

I ended up buying a dress that looks almost identical to this one at Target for $6! I'm sure the movie's stylist did the exact same thing.
Dear non existent readers, what summer movie wardrobe did you love?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Movie Quote of the Day

"You know, if you had come to a rush party, I had least would have at least been nice to you." Legally Blonde

My sorority president days are long over (like 5 years ago... damn i'm old) but I will always love Elle Woods.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chick Flick Chic Book Club: The Help

If I was to compose a list of rules to live by, #8 on that list would be "ALWAYS read the book before you see the movie." Yes, this blog is about movies, but books are my first love. Although its exciting to hear one of your favorite stories is coming to the silver screen, rarely can a movie capture the magic of a really great book.

I read The Help last summer and like the rest of America, immediately became obsessed and could not put it down. My mom came to visit me and I made her sit in silence for an hour while I finished the book. To make matters worse, I spontaneously burst into tears reading the last few pages. Then I immediately handed the book to my mom and told her she must start that night. It's that good.

While the previews promise what looks like a fun movie, the trailer does not give me MTAD. It just looks so darn. . . happy. The book was not necessarily depressing, but it was frustrating, heartbreaking, and inspiring. The Help is about change and reading it makes you restless for your own personal revolution. Not your own personal Colbie Caillat soundtrack.

Of course I am anxious to see this movie when it hits theaters on Wednesday and I hope I am pleasantly surprised. I'm just glad I read the book first!

The Change-Up Review

I went to see the Change-Up yesterday afternoon with my boyfriend. We were late leaving for the movies, annoyed with each other on the way there, and sprinted through a downpour to get into the theater. Needless to say, I was in the mood for a laugh. Unfortunately, The Change Up did not provide many.

There were a few lol moments, and I was sometimes amused, but there were a lot of parts that were just ... ick. I am not easily offended but I think if a movie wants to be gross, I feel like it should result in some hilarious moments (i.e. the Bridesmaids food poisoning scene) and not just be offensive for kicks.

I usually find Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman adorable and hilarious but the script provided limited opportunities for such antics. Leslie Mann has a juicier part, except its the same role she played in Knocked Up... so there's that.

I would recommend seeing The Change-Up when you can rent it for $1, are in the mood for dumb movie, and aren't seeing it with your parents, in-laws, or anyone else you would rather not watch poop jokes with.
The Change-Up, rated "R", comedy, starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, C-

Very Hollywood

This weekend I bought a new fragrance that I've been coveting for a while. I'll admit the "no sales tax/back to school" event encouraged me. Of course, those exemptions don't apply to perfume... I don't know why! If going back to school doesn't mean impulsively buying a a lovely scent in a pretty pink bottle, I don't know what does! I honestly LOVE the scent of Very Hollywood, but even if I didn't I would still be tempted based on the description. . .

Very Chick Flick Chic!