Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flair for the Dramatic

Speaking of great movie musicals . . . this weekend we went to see a production of West Side Story. Have you ever seen the movie?

Fantastic. I saw it for the first time in middle school and again when we were studying Romeo and Juliet. Side note: I remember thinking R + J was uber romantic as a teenager. They were so in love they couldn't live without each other! Now I'm like, what fools! Teenage love? Not worth your life! Cynicism and wrinkles: unfortunate side effects of aging.

Anyways, I decided to wear something inspired by the sassy ladies of the Sharks.

I told my boyfriend "maybe we should try a pic that doesn't look so posed?"

Yeah, not what I was going for.

Here I am, a tad dramatic.

But a rumble with the Jets is no laughing matter.


  1. Why can't we "like" things in blogger like we can on FaBo?? I want to like this whole post, but mostly your dramatic no-laughing-matter photo. You look hot, I love the dress, and flowers in the hair are one of my favorite fashion statements for all occasions/outfits/history of accessories.

    Also, I spied Anders in the door reflection, and that photo better displayed his ensemble than yours. Please tell him that fashion photography is probably not in his future. Sorry if that squelchs any dreams.

  2. i love this comment! i wish i could at least "like" it! perhaps this was anders way of saying he wants a fashion/entertainment blog too!