Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Change-Up Review

I went to see the Change-Up yesterday afternoon with my boyfriend. We were late leaving for the movies, annoyed with each other on the way there, and sprinted through a downpour to get into the theater. Needless to say, I was in the mood for a laugh. Unfortunately, The Change Up did not provide many.

There were a few lol moments, and I was sometimes amused, but there were a lot of parts that were just ... ick. I am not easily offended but I think if a movie wants to be gross, I feel like it should result in some hilarious moments (i.e. the Bridesmaids food poisoning scene) and not just be offensive for kicks.

I usually find Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman adorable and hilarious but the script provided limited opportunities for such antics. Leslie Mann has a juicier part, except its the same role she played in Knocked Up... so there's that.

I would recommend seeing The Change-Up when you can rent it for $1, are in the mood for dumb movie, and aren't seeing it with your parents, in-laws, or anyone else you would rather not watch poop jokes with.
The Change-Up, rated "R", comedy, starring Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, C-

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