Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Movie Chic

When I decided to name this blog Chick Flick Chic, it had nothing to do with my ability (or lack thereof) to be "chic." When you are 5'2, with naturally frizzy hair and a propensity for falling flat on your face, being chic is probably not in your (my) cards. However, one of the best things about the traditional chick flick is the clothes! I would say 90% of what I wear is inspired by what I see celebrities wearing- in movies and tv or in paparazzi pics. I would also say I am 100% celebrity obsessed. Anyways, some chick flick outfits I enjoyed this summer...

Although Kristin Wiig's character didn't quite have her act together in Bridesmaids, she did have some cute, casual outfits at the wedding party events.

This summer I found myself wearing sundresses, bright necklaces, and light blazers to work. Thankfully I did not find myself looking at a woman in traditional colonial garb out the window of the plane.

Monte Carlo was a cute teen flick with even cuter outfits!

I've never spent the summer on a madcap jaunt around Europe, but if I did, I like to think I'd look as adorable as Leighton.

When a romantic comedy is based on a popular chick lit read, set in NYC, and starring Kate Hudson, I do not expect it to win an Academy Award. I do expect there to be some great clothes.

Love this cream suit and Kate rocking the natural, beachy curls . . .

I ended up buying a dress that looks almost identical to this one at Target for $6! I'm sure the movie's stylist did the exact same thing.
Dear non existent readers, what summer movie wardrobe did you love?


  1. I loved the 1940s era wardrobe from Captain America! Not a chick flick by a long stretch, but definitely more fashion-conscious than Harry Potter, and those are the only two movies I've seen this summer!

  2. I bought a dress that looks just like that (except its brown) for 6 dollars at target toooo