Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Day Review

Hmm. . . what to say about this movie.

What I liked: Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess were great as Emma and Dexter. Dexter was just as cool, charismatic, and at times, hopeless, as I expected him to be. And Emma (played by a makeover expert!) blossomed beautifully from a sweet, awkward college grad to a lovely and accomplished writer. The script was very close to the book (which I loved) and pieces of the dialogue were word for word. Some moments were very touching, especially the scene in Paris. I loved Emma's dress in this scene and would like to wear it to meet by imaginary Parisian boyfriend.

What I didn't like: The book was certainly somber, but the movie was a total downer. The few bits of humor (straight from the book) were lost in British accents and quiet moments. A certain scene at the end was shown in detail that I though was completely out of place. Im not sure if I could have liked it more without having read the book. I am sure that the book was better and you should spend your Saturday night reading it, instead of at the movies.

Last night I went to this movie with my best friend and former roommate. We have lived in the same building, house, or apartment for the past 8 years. Its incredibly unique to live with someone (who is not your spouse or relative) from ages 18 to 26, and I wouldnt have had it any other way.

Last night I also heard some very sad news about someone I knew for a short period of time a few years ago. I can't stop thinking about his life, although I really only knew him for one day.

We tend to think about days as part of the bigger picture of time. We can't believe the summer has flown by or we wish a week would hurry up and end. In One Day, Emma says "No matter what happens tomorrow, we had today, I'll always remember it."

Just one day is not a lifetime, but it is a piece of a life. And right now I'm trying to be thankful for every single day.

One Day, rated "PG-13," romantic drama, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, C

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