Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Half-Back

The Half-Back sounds like its probably Jason Bateman's newest movie. With The Switch from last August and The Change-Up out in theaters today, its about time for another ambiguously named comedy. Actually, the Half-Back refers to the classic chick flick cliche- the movie makeover.

The other night, my boyfriend and I were having drinks and discussing the amazing makeover that Steve Carrell, as Cal, undergoes in Crazy, Stupid, Love- all thanks to Ryan Gosling( Jacob.) At one point Jacob asks "Are you in a fraternity? Are you Steve Jobs, the billionaire CEO of Apple Computers? No? Then you have no excuse to wear New Balance shoes. Ever.” I should note that Jacob is flawlessly dressed in this movie.

Well, he is not necessarily dressed there.. but I couldn't help myself. Anyways, we watch Cal go from sneakers and droopy khakis to beautiful shirts and a better hair cut to... somewhere in between. My boyfriend said " I hate how at the end he went half-back." We realized this happens all the time in movie makeovers. For example in Devil Wears Prada, we watch Andrea Sachs go from the "cerulean blue, casual corner sweater" (love that speech!)

To the Gisele envied Chanel boots. . .

To somewhere in between

Time and again, we see this happen in a movie makeover! Tai is half preppy/half grunge by the end of Clueless, Gracie Lou Freebush is wearing a suit, but rocking wavy hair when she is awarded Miss Congeniality, and Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway is makeover queen!) probably has a partial uni-brow growing back in by the time she writes The Princess Diaries of Genovia! I know its supposed to show the audience that the character has became comfortable in who they were... with some positive physical changes of course!

This is actually realistic. Think of how many times you've gotten a new haircut, new makeup, borrowed a friend's outfit for the night and you look like a new person! But chances are you can never quite replicate that salon blowout - you only have two arms and a round brush from walmart for heaven's sake! And by the time you head back in for a new haircut you're slightly embarrassed. "Thanks for spending hours on my hair a few months ago- you'll notice its returned to its natural state." (hangs head in shame)

And as important as it is to embrace your natural self, I think we all could use a makeover that actually sticks now and then! So when you're making a life change- whether its getting bangs or changing jobs- don't settle for the chick flick happy ending and find yourself with a "half-back" situation. Stick with it, buy a new hair brush, grow another arm, and keep wearing those Chanel boots!

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