Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something Sparkly on my Ring Finger

For the past couple of days my fingers have looked like this. . .

By "this" I don't mean weirdly small and stubby,they're always like that. I mean I have a "ring finger manicure"

I first saw this trend on Vanessa Hudgens

and then it popped up on various
bloggers- and I decided to make mine pink and obnoxiously sparkly.

No less than 5 people have commented with "are you looking for something else sparkly on your ring finger?" or "is that supposed to be a hint for someone?" or "are you trying to trick someone into proposing?"


First of all, my boyfriend is not a raccoon who is blindly attracted to anything shiny and will suddenly be mesmerized by my nails. Second, I'm not trying to trick anyone... nor do I need to thankyouverymuch. Third, if that was all it took to get engaged I know girls who would have glittered up their nails at age 20 and called it a day. No need to go to college looking for a MRS degree.

And finally, please do not assume that because I am in my 20s and because I am not married that I spend all my time plotting so I can get this. . .

or this. . .

Well, I would like that closet.

And I guess that's all I have to say about that.

Wow, even Forrest Gump got married one day.

It was probably his manicure.

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