Monday, August 15, 2011

Everybody Cuts Loose

Have you seen the new trailer for the Footloose remake? While I am completely opposed to a Dirty Dancing remake, I am getting excited about Footloose!
As soon as I watched this my heart began to race and I started to sweat. I then realized this song, Sour Cherry by The Kills, has been on my running playlist for the past year, so I think I've got a Pavlov/salivating dog situation going on. Or maybe I'm just REALLY excited about this movie for the following reasons. . .
1) I love teen dance movies. The dancing is always "forbidden" which is pretty badass. I was not a teenage rebel but if line dancing had qualified as "acting out" I might be eligible for parole right now.
2) The new Ren McCormick is supposedly from Boston and as you can tell from the trailer, has a "Mid-Atlantic" accent. The only thing better than listening to said accent is reading the wikipedia entry.
3) Julianne Hough is one of my top girl crushes AND she's wearing some pretty cute red cowboys boots in the movie.

I would be looking to buy a pair if I hadn't already seen some on Gwyneth in Country Strong. . .

Bought a pair when Frye was having a gigantic online sale. . .

And wore them when I was going through my Rachel Zoe phase. . .

I die.

The End.

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  1. I love seeing where the inspiration for this outfit came from!