Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chick Flick Chic Book Club: The Help

If I was to compose a list of rules to live by, #8 on that list would be "ALWAYS read the book before you see the movie." Yes, this blog is about movies, but books are my first love. Although its exciting to hear one of your favorite stories is coming to the silver screen, rarely can a movie capture the magic of a really great book.

I read The Help last summer and like the rest of America, immediately became obsessed and could not put it down. My mom came to visit me and I made her sit in silence for an hour while I finished the book. To make matters worse, I spontaneously burst into tears reading the last few pages. Then I immediately handed the book to my mom and told her she must start that night. It's that good.

While the previews promise what looks like a fun movie, the trailer does not give me MTAD. It just looks so darn. . . happy. The book was not necessarily depressing, but it was frustrating, heartbreaking, and inspiring. The Help is about change and reading it makes you restless for your own personal revolution. Not your own personal Colbie Caillat soundtrack.

Of course I am anxious to see this movie when it hits theaters on Wednesday and I hope I am pleasantly surprised. I'm just glad I read the book first!

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