Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Weekend- What's Up Tampa?

Happy Weekend!  Well, I'm still in Florida.  For the past week I've been in Tampa, which is basically my hometown except its not. At all.  If you're not familiar with Florida, I tell you I'm from Tampa.  If you've been to Tampa, I tell you I'm from St. Pete/Clearwater.  And if you've been to St. Petersburg, then I'm proud to tell you I'm from Seminole.  But that's another story.

So for the past 10 years I've basically been claiming to be from Tampa which is a total lie.  IAnyways, I what I really want to tell you about Tampa is that in 9th grade I went to a Backstreet Boys concert and Mandy Moore opened for them.  Poor 15 year old Mandy wobbled around the stage in her stilettos yelling "Whats up Tamp-puh?!"
I'm blogging in a room with 3 of my best friends and they all have this exact memory.  That's what makes childhood friends so wonderful- not shared interests but shared memories of 90's pop stars.

Story of the Week:  Does NoahCalhoun=ChristianGrey? 
I have a lot of opinions about 50 Shades- more on that soon.  But I have even more thoughts on Ryan Gosling being cast.  And the thoughts are NO.  Anyone who thinks that an A-list actor wants to be cast in this movie is kidding themselves.  This story is for soap opera hunks and ABC family starlets only.  

Rental of the Week:
Mandy Moore, all grown up, no heels, still long blond hair. I LOVE Tangled, especially the song in the scene above. 

Look of the Week:
 Anne Hathaway, another Disney darling.  Its not so much that I love her dress, but that she looks amazing despite the grandma dress and short hair.  She's getting married tomorrow!  It takes some guts to get married in short hair.  Better than the alternative?

NPR Interview of the Week:Amy Adams on Fresh Air.
I've been listening to so much NPR on the road but hearing one of my favorite actresses talk about being a Disney princess was my favorite thing all week!

Movie Ticket of the Week:  
And speaking of Amy Adams . . .The Master is getting phenomenal reviews . . . it just seems like a lot to take on.  I'll take one for the team and get back to you.

So tomorrow night at this time, I'll be past the finish line at this. . .

What's up Disney?! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What Makes Me Cry: Mindy Kaling

A Timeline of love for Mindy Kaling

October 2009- I cry and laugh and clap my hands over the Mindy written episode of The Office, Niagra, also known as Jim and Pam's wedding.

September 2011 -I read an article written by Mindy in the New Yorker and post a quote from it.

November 2011- I fall in love with Mindy's blog.

January 2012 - I read (and adore!) Mindy's book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns)  

February 2012 - Mindy's defense of the rom-com supports my defense of This Means War

March 2012 - I begin the What Makes Me Cry series, inspired by a chapter in Mindy's book

                       March 2012  John Mayer Being a jerk
                       April 2012 Mr. Lauer and The Duchess
                       June 2012 Hugh Jackman is a Class Act

May 2012 - The trailer for Mindy's brand new sitcom is released!

August 2012 -I watch the pilot episode of The Mindy Project online and feel like she is speaking to me.  When you watch it, you'll know exactly which part I'm talking about.

September 9 2012- I start to browse this article on Vulture which I think is about Mindy's new show, but suddenly I'm reading about her mother's death and I get to the part about "be your own best friend" and I've given myself hiccups from crying so much.

September 10 2012- Try to tell my mom about the article, immediately start crying.

September 24 2012- The Mindy Project, written and created and starring Mindy Kaling (and inspired by her mom) premieres on Fox at 9:30pm.  You know I'll be watching.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pretty Princess and Lovely Megan

Did you watch the Emmy's?  Do you feel like you're not part of the cool kids because you don't watch Breaking Bad OR Shameless?  Thank God I finally caught up on Downton.  My red carpet faves:

Julie Bowen
 I've been really into this neon green/yellow since this Spring.  Now I'm afraid I've missed my chance to rock it until warmer weather rolls around.

Kerry Washington
 Everyone has been telling me that if I like Revenge, I'll also like Scandal.  Are the clothes always this gorgeous?

Tina Fey
 Already getting so sad about the end of 30 Rock. Happy about this dress, though.

Zooey Deschanel
Pretty pretty princess.

Jessica Pare
 "Lovely Megan . . ."  I'm not even fat Betty and I'm feeling jealous.

Hayden Panettiere
A tad toga costume, but the colors looks so great on her, now I'm wanting a blue and gold dress to go with my blond hair and blue eyes.

You can catch me on Fashion Police tonight recapping the best and worst of the Emmys!
Just kidding, but you can catch me in my hotel room yelling at the tv screen and pretending to be offended when Joan says something outrageous.  Oh Joan . . .

Edited: I also feel like I'm not part of the cool kids because I don't watch Homeland.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

CFC Class- A Night at the Ballet

A Lofty Discussion on Ballet

This article on SJP's involvement with the NYC Ballet and Valentino's new costumes is one of those pieces that totally blurs the line between Sarah Jessica and Carrie Bradshaw. I mean, aren't they they same person?

Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway, Martha Stewart at Valentino’s Ballet Gala

This slideshow of pics from the gala red carpet.   Anne looks wonderful!

Candace Bushnell Files for Divorce, Claims Husband Had an Affair

I always enjoyed how Carrie almost ended up with an artist (played by a dancer) when the real life Carrie actually ended up with a ballet man. This bit of (old) gossip makes you wonder how things could have turned out if Carrie stayed in Paris with the Russian. 

 A very young Alexander Petrovsky (okay, Mikhail Baryshnikov) during a ballet solo. I'll admit that I'm giggling over the youtube comments about his "powerful buttocks."

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Weekend- Coastal Living

I think we all have a fantasy life.  Mine involves living on the Florida gulf coast, going to the beach every day, wearing flip flops and never bothering to straighten my hair.  Basically I'd live out a Kenny Chesney song 24/7.

After spending the week in Naples, and doing some significant people watching/ lunchtime eavesdropping, I've realized that even people on a permanent vacation have problems too.  Like the women at Cheesecake Factory who debated how much botox is too much.  (I'd say five injections ago, ladies.)  And a grumpy old man who cursed an afternoon thunderstorm that interrupted his tee time.  

But check out that view . . .

What I've been up to lately:
Reviews of Hit and Run and Lawless
MTAD for Trouble with the Curve and The Big Wedding
Confessions and Style Aspirations

Behind the scenes clip of the week: 

Its going to change our lives, right?  I'm so excited.

Rental of the Week:

Speaking of movie musicals, the last one to win Best Picture was Chicago in 2002.  Love it?  Watch it again and sing along!  Never seen it?  What is wrong with you?
Look of the Week:

Speaking of little dresses and razzle dazzle, I saw this window shopping in Nordstrom and fell in love.  I want to wear it to a New Year's party with a faux bob, glitter headband and all that jazz.

Story of the Week:
Kanye and Kim get a Kat.

Is anyone else hoping Kim gets out of her marriage to Kris quickly so we can have a Kim and Kanye wedding?  The sheer absurdity of it actually gives me chills.  Cute kitty though.

Movie Ticket of the Week:

Justin Randall Timberlake on the big screen.  Don't let me down!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Find Me a Pantsuit Party

Out with the jumpsuit and in with the pantsuit!

 This is a bit much, but its Halle and she can wear anything.

Everytime I see Taylor I want bangs.  Thanks to friends and family who don't even pretend to entertain the idea.

 Is Kate looking amazing lately or what?

 Obsessed with her Glee performance. 

Even more with her abs.

I mean, mine probably look like that, I've just got them covered up with my red carpet suit jacket.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Must Confess Part III

1.  For awhile there, I was thinking CFC and I might break up.  It wasn't that I didn't love it (her? If this blog had a gender, I think we all know it would be a girl) but I just wasn't making the time to post and I was starting to feel like maybe we were moving in different directions.  It wouldn't be a bad breakup . . .  I would just be honest about my feelings and CFC would understand. Like in You've Got Mail where Kathleen and Frank realize they don't love each other and she lets him move on to find that tv host who says "Thank Your ladies and gentlemen."

2. I hate football, but I love football season.  Its not that I think athletic obsession is stupid . . . don't talk to me during any E! live red carpet event, or during a 6 hour long Oscar broadcast and I will gladly respect your right to yell at the tv screen and fall into a deep depression when your team doesn't win.  But there's something so carefree about weekends where everyone you know cares about a score or a play or quarterback and you can sip your tea and eat cheese and crackers and watch An American in Paris for the third time this month.

Well there's always an exception.  Watching Tim Riggins shake that sweaty hair out of his football helmet beats Gershwin and goat cheese any day.

3.  The moment holiday candy appears in stores I must buy a piece and eat it immediately.  Don't ask why, this is just the rule. 

 That means I'm usually scarfing down a marshmallow pumpkin, a dark chocolate santa, a coconut cream heart . . . a peanut butter filled George Washington?  Nevermind, I think that's from a Stefon weekend update. 

4.  Obviously CFC and I are staying together.  CFC isn't my Frank or my Walter.  CFC is my Tom Hanks- we're meant to be.

Monday, September 17, 2012

MTAD Monday- The Big Wedding

According to NY Mag's the Vulture : Did someone make a Nancy Meyers movie and forget to tell her?

I couldn't have said it better myself!

Monday, September 3, 2012

MTAD- Trouble with the Curve

Does this look great or what?  I just love when Amy Adams plays a spunky redhead, JT plays a charming smartass, and Clint Eastwood plays a grumpy old man with something to say.  (Well, most of the time.)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lawless Review

In the opening scene of Lawless, set in 1931, the infamous Bondurant brothers barrel down back roads Virginia selling moonshine.  "I think our generation is obsessed with Prohibition," my boyfriend whispered.  I'd say he's right.

Obviously there's the mason jar cocktails found at any rustic wedding or optimistic Pinterest board.  The hip bars with inspired names like The Gin Joint, or Speakeasy, or Bathtub Gin.  Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire is about to premiere and The Great Gatsby must be the most anticipated film of 2013.

Despite renewed interest in the 18th Amendment, Lawless plays out like a classic gangster film from any time period.  Family ties, loyalty, bad guys, tommy guns, slick suits and pretty girls.  And plenty of alcohol.  And plenty of blood.

But Lawless stand out as  a unique film simply by doing everything right.  It features fine performances from Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain, and especially Shia LaBeouf as the youngest Bondurant boy.  It seems Shia is getting stuck playing the coming of age role, but with the perfect mix of youthful arrogance and vulnerability on his cute face- who can blame him? (Side note: I <3 Shia LeBeouf!) Stylistically perfect with a remixed bluegrass soundtrack, Lawless is worth going to see on the big screen.  Especially if you smuggle in a drink or two.

Lawless, rated "R," drama, starring Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce and Jessica Chastain"A-"

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hit and Run Review

Hit and Run was labor of love for Dax Shepard.  He wrote the script, directed the film, stunt drove his own cars, and recruited his close friends (including fiancee Kristen Bell) to star.  I tell you this because if you see the movie, it completely makes sense that this is the kind film that Dax has wanted to make his whole life.  It's basically a romantic comedy filled with politically incorrect comedy bits and high impact car chases- what else could a man want?

Certainly not a different relationship.  Dax and Kristen's chemistry brightens up a weird, quirky, and at times dusty (all that burnt rubber?) plot and I couldn't stop smiling during their scenes together.  I suppose it's easier to play up a relationship when you are actually in love in real life, but we've seen plenty of famous couples on the screen who don't manage to be as endearing and adorable.  Dax and Kristen's playful teasing and sweet pet names are reason enough to see Hit and Run.  The car chases are kind of cool too.

Is Hit and Run a perfect movie?  No . . . but I definitely felt the love.

Hit and Run, rated "R," action- comedy, starring Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, and Bradley Cooper "B-"