Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Must Confess Part III

1.  For awhile there, I was thinking CFC and I might break up.  It wasn't that I didn't love it (her? If this blog had a gender, I think we all know it would be a girl) but I just wasn't making the time to post and I was starting to feel like maybe we were moving in different directions.  It wouldn't be a bad breakup . . .  I would just be honest about my feelings and CFC would understand. Like in You've Got Mail where Kathleen and Frank realize they don't love each other and she lets him move on to find that tv host who says "Thank Your ladies and gentlemen."

2. I hate football, but I love football season.  Its not that I think athletic obsession is stupid . . . don't talk to me during any E! live red carpet event, or during a 6 hour long Oscar broadcast and I will gladly respect your right to yell at the tv screen and fall into a deep depression when your team doesn't win.  But there's something so carefree about weekends where everyone you know cares about a score or a play or quarterback and you can sip your tea and eat cheese and crackers and watch An American in Paris for the third time this month.

Well there's always an exception.  Watching Tim Riggins shake that sweaty hair out of his football helmet beats Gershwin and goat cheese any day.

3.  The moment holiday candy appears in stores I must buy a piece and eat it immediately.  Don't ask why, this is just the rule. 

 That means I'm usually scarfing down a marshmallow pumpkin, a dark chocolate santa, a coconut cream heart . . . a peanut butter filled George Washington?  Nevermind, I think that's from a Stefon weekend update. 

4.  Obviously CFC and I are staying together.  CFC isn't my Frank or my Walter.  CFC is my Tom Hanks- we're meant to be.

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