Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Weekend- Coastal Living

I think we all have a fantasy life.  Mine involves living on the Florida gulf coast, going to the beach every day, wearing flip flops and never bothering to straighten my hair.  Basically I'd live out a Kenny Chesney song 24/7.

After spending the week in Naples, and doing some significant people watching/ lunchtime eavesdropping, I've realized that even people on a permanent vacation have problems too.  Like the women at Cheesecake Factory who debated how much botox is too much.  (I'd say five injections ago, ladies.)  And a grumpy old man who cursed an afternoon thunderstorm that interrupted his tee time.  

But check out that view . . .

What I've been up to lately:
Reviews of Hit and Run and Lawless
MTAD for Trouble with the Curve and The Big Wedding
Confessions and Style Aspirations

Behind the scenes clip of the week: 

Its going to change our lives, right?  I'm so excited.

Rental of the Week:

Speaking of movie musicals, the last one to win Best Picture was Chicago in 2002.  Love it?  Watch it again and sing along!  Never seen it?  What is wrong with you?
Look of the Week:

Speaking of little dresses and razzle dazzle, I saw this window shopping in Nordstrom and fell in love.  I want to wear it to a New Year's party with a faux bob, glitter headband and all that jazz.

Story of the Week:
Kanye and Kim get a Kat.

Is anyone else hoping Kim gets out of her marriage to Kris quickly so we can have a Kim and Kanye wedding?  The sheer absurdity of it actually gives me chills.  Cute kitty though.

Movie Ticket of the Week:

Justin Randall Timberlake on the big screen.  Don't let me down!

Happy Weekend!

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