Monday, September 24, 2012

Pretty Princess and Lovely Megan

Did you watch the Emmy's?  Do you feel like you're not part of the cool kids because you don't watch Breaking Bad OR Shameless?  Thank God I finally caught up on Downton.  My red carpet faves:

Julie Bowen
 I've been really into this neon green/yellow since this Spring.  Now I'm afraid I've missed my chance to rock it until warmer weather rolls around.

Kerry Washington
 Everyone has been telling me that if I like Revenge, I'll also like Scandal.  Are the clothes always this gorgeous?

Tina Fey
 Already getting so sad about the end of 30 Rock. Happy about this dress, though.

Zooey Deschanel
Pretty pretty princess.

Jessica Pare
 "Lovely Megan . . ."  I'm not even fat Betty and I'm feeling jealous.

Hayden Panettiere
A tad toga costume, but the colors looks so great on her, now I'm wanting a blue and gold dress to go with my blond hair and blue eyes.

You can catch me on Fashion Police tonight recapping the best and worst of the Emmys!
Just kidding, but you can catch me in my hotel room yelling at the tv screen and pretending to be offended when Joan says something outrageous.  Oh Joan . . .

Edited: I also feel like I'm not part of the cool kids because I don't watch Homeland.

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