Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hit and Run Review

Hit and Run was labor of love for Dax Shepard.  He wrote the script, directed the film, stunt drove his own cars, and recruited his close friends (including fiancee Kristen Bell) to star.  I tell you this because if you see the movie, it completely makes sense that this is the kind film that Dax has wanted to make his whole life.  It's basically a romantic comedy filled with politically incorrect comedy bits and high impact car chases- what else could a man want?

Certainly not a different relationship.  Dax and Kristen's chemistry brightens up a weird, quirky, and at times dusty (all that burnt rubber?) plot and I couldn't stop smiling during their scenes together.  I suppose it's easier to play up a relationship when you are actually in love in real life, but we've seen plenty of famous couples on the screen who don't manage to be as endearing and adorable.  Dax and Kristen's playful teasing and sweet pet names are reason enough to see Hit and Run.  The car chases are kind of cool too.

Is Hit and Run a perfect movie?  No . . . but I definitely felt the love.

Hit and Run, rated "R," action- comedy, starring Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, and Bradley Cooper "B-"

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