Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Weekend!

And its Friday!  Hope you have a pretty cocktail 

or a pretty day in your future! 

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, so here's what I've been up to lately . . .

CFC Class, where I talk about feminist issues, animal rights, and Twilight PR Scandals

The first two installments of another series about movies I love

Three of my favorite people getting married
(side note- was there really a cheating scandal!? say it aint so!)

Reviews of movies still in theaters

And something new, a CFC weekly round-up if you will.

Look of the Week: Sutton Foster, Bunheads finale

I think I'm the only person in the world who watches Bunheads and I'm pretty much obsessed with it.  It's like Gilmore Girls minus Connecticut, Rory, and Luke but adding California, more of Rory's zany Chilton/Yale friends, and dancing! Lots of dancing!  Bunheads is sort of modern, but sort of MGM classic musical.  And it just makes me happy to watch.  Anyways, the lead character wore this really great black dress with leather accents.  I can't find a good pic, but I am definitely looking for something like this for fall.  Also, see Nina Garcia in similar dress below.

Story of the Week: Taylor Swift, Venture Capitalist from New Hampshire

Y'all, I'm so concerned about T Swift.  First, she's dating a boy who's in high school.  Literally he's about to start his senior year. Second, she's practically stalking the Kennedy's. Third, she can't stop dressing in patriotic colors.

We get it.  You're an all American kinda gal.  Fourth, she's become a wedding crasher!!  I love you T, but please don't attack the paparazzi with an umbrella or shave your head anytime soon.  In other news, I CANNOT stop listening to WANEGBT.


Rental of the Week: Like Crazy

Best movie I've seen in forever!  Cried a lot. 

Movie Ticket of the Week:  Hit and Run 

Getting good reviews and I think Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are so cute after that whole sloth birthday party.

Happy Weekend!

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