Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Brave Review

One of the bad things about going to the movies at least once a week is that I've seen movie trailers countless times before I see the actual movie.  This means I usually come into the theater with my own expectations and understanding of the plot.

Take Brave for example.  Based on the intriguing (and rather touching) trailer I thought this was going to be an inspiring story about a young princess who blazes her own trail and doesn't have time to wait around for a prince to come.  Considering Disney's track record for creating the usual ladies in waiting ( I still love them!) I thought this would be a refreshing change.

Actually, Brave is about the relationship between mother and daughter.  Considering Disney's track record for creating motherless princesses with evil stepmothers ( I still hate them!) I think this was a refreshing change.  

Being a Disney/Pixar collobaroation we can obviously expect a lot of fun, clever jokes, and gorgeous animnation- Merida's red curls are especially breathtaking.  But I couldn't help but miss the story that I thought was coming to see.  A princess striking an arrow through the hearts of her potential suitors?  Awesome.  A teenage girl fighting with her mom?  Eh, we've all been there.

Brave , rated "PG," animated Pixar fun, voices by Kelly MacDonald and Emma Thompson "B"

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