Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Friday Night

Last Friday night I went out for dinner and drinks in Tampa with two of my favorite ladies in the world.    I wore lace shorts from Forever 21- I've wanted lace shorts since Emma Watson wore these over a year ago.
And these black heels because I felt like it was something Carrie Underwood would wear.

 Shoes like Carrie- check.  Legs like Carrie- eh, still working on it.

On our way to dinner, we had a total Carrie Bradshaw moment.  We huddled under one umbrella, carefully treading along the sidewalk and trying to keep our shoes and purses and Carly's waterfall braid, created by yours truly, out of the rain.

Suddenly a  car sped by and swerved into the gutter.  "Nooooo!" we cried in slow motion as a tidal wave of dirty street water splashed up over us.

These girls have been my friends for over 10 years and in some ways, everything is different.  Years ago we never would have ordered giant margaritas . . . and then immediately pulled out our phones to take a picture . . .  while discussing who was going to facebook, tweet, instagram, and blog about our beverages.
We wouldn't have talked about our bridesmaids dresses for Carly's wedding and Krysta wouldn't have passed on a sleepover to be home with her hubby and two boys.

But in some ways, everything is the same.  I think we will always enjoy gossiping over delicious food, attempting to avoid someone we went to high school with because we don't feel like dealing with the awkwardness, and taking photo booth pictures when the opportunity presents itself.

Which brings me to another SATC moment.  
"It would be childish of us to deny that our lives weren't changing. But for this night, none of us were going anywhere. That's the thing about really good friends and a really great Manhattan margarita."


  1. You probably already noticed this your photobooth picture it looks like your hand is stretching from the bottom right photo to the top right photo! :) You all look beautiful!!

  2. Love the waterfall braid, still haven't been able to master it. I might need a tutorial next time we're together!

    1. I can play hairstylist to you but have attempted and failed on myself!