Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Men in Black III Review

 The original MIB came out 15 years ago.  The sequel was released 10 years ago.  And honestly, all I can really remember about either movie was that Will Smith was cocky and charming, aliens were masquerading on Earth as freaky humans, and there was that weird flash gun that would make you forget about an alien encounter in favor of the story told to you by a Man in Black.

Well the third movie jumps right in without a review- except for the reminder that the weird flash gun is called a nebulizer.  The plot is pretty clear from watching the trailer.  Agent J ( Will Smith) goes back in time to save Agent K ( Tommy Lee Jones) and has to work with young K ( Josh Brolin.)

Plots involving time travel are entertaining and fascinating and MIB 3 delivers on both accounts.  But the entire movie builds up to this final battle with this big, bad, disgusting alien- Boris the Animal.  We are told the outcome of this battle not only determines the future of K, but something else happens that "makes K that way he way he is."  Umm, no.  I realize it seems pointless to demand that a movie about aliens and time travel make sense, but the ending is absurd and poorly executed.

With all this anticipation to the final act, I left the movie feeling like I had just had an encounter with the nebulizer.  I was confused, I didn't quite understand what had happened, and I wasn't buying the story they gave me.

Men in Black 3 , rated "PG-13," action comedy, starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin "C"

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