Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In The News This Morning

Well it seems the umm, "excitement" surrounding Magic Mike has reached it's err, "peak." And I'd like to remind everyone that I posted about this way back in October.  My hilarious friend Scott texted me this yesterday

And then Channing appeared on the Today show for a charming interview and then an absurd flash mob set to It's Raining Men.

I desperately wish there was a bachelorette party to go to this weekend.  Smuggling wine into the theater seems like the perfect way to start the night.

Anyways, I told my mom I'd go see Magic Mike with her.  Is that awkward?  Probably not as awkward as Al Roker grinding on an about-to-be-fired Ann Curry.

And that's what's happening in your neck of the woods.

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