Friday, June 8, 2012

I Found One

I have great news- I found myself a jumpsuit party!

It seems like I have been in search of a jumpsuit for most of my life.  I'd say this statement is accurate, considering the last time anyone ever looks good in a jumpsuit is when they are wearing onesies as an infant.  I amped up my search after seeing Kourtney get off the helicopter in NYC in this preview.

Please notice that Kourtney, who could basically fit in your pocket, somehow looks a bit large in her jumpsuit.  Jumpsuits are not the most flattering of glammed up styles. Nevertheless, I was undeterred.  Then Rose Byrne, my red carpet crush, turned up at the SAG awards looking like this.

And I was obsessed.  We started to see jumpsuits everywhere.


And finally, I found one at my local TJ Maxx that actually fit and looked cute! It was black, sleeveless, and a petite size.  I'm no Kourtney, but I am under 5'3. I was in possession of a jumpsuit, but had nothing to wear it to.  This probably never happens to the Kardashians.  Why is life so hard?

At long last- I was invited to a friend's bachelorette party where we were asked to wear black.  I had found myself a jumpsuit party!!

I added a belt- the same one I wore during my Miami adventures- and this new cuff which I am obsessed with.

After all that hype did it live up to my expectations?  Well the bachelorette party was a blast- as all bachelorette parties are.  As for the jumpsuit- it was fun to wear and really comfortable.  Except when trying to use the restroom.  After tasting 20 bottles of wine.  In a crowded bar.  At one o'clock in the morning.  With one ladies room and no working lock.  Since Kim's leather dress recently busted, I know she's had to deal with a wardrobe malfunction or two.  Once again, why is life so hard?

Next up:   Find me a lace dress and jaunty hat party.


  1. I can't think of a respectable and un-annoying way to type a squeal! :) The jumpsuit looked great, and you are too precious! Now if you wear a lace dress and jaunty hat to my wedding, then we'll really be in business!

    1. dearest meg, i loved wearing a jumpsuit but i loved celebrating you even more!!