Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chick Flick Chic Takes Miami

The other weekend I was in Miami on business. I watched the Sex and the City movie on the plane ride there and was inspired to put on my Samantha hat to hang out by the pool after work.

I had work events during the day but got to play at night so it was perfect for my boyfriend to come along!

I love Miami because its completely different than any other city I've been too. Which means I get to dress differently too! You know what they say, when in Miami

Dress like J-Lo!

Or a Kardashian.

We had some delicious dinners and experienced some of the best people watching in the world. For example there was a group of women celebrating a birthday in a fancy bar. They had the shortest dresses, the highest heels, and the smoothest faces I've ever seen. Especially since I'm pretty sure it was a 60th birthday. They seemed excited! It might have been the brow lifts.

"Girls, I am very, very very upset about this."
"You don't look upset."
"Oh its the botox, I can't show emotion for another hour and a half."

I told my boyfriend I was going to have to move to Miami in a few years so I could completely postpone the aging process. And so I could eat this every night for dessert.

This is the Truluck's Chocolate Sack. Hershey’s milk chocolate in the shape of a paper bag, and then loaded with pound cake, blueberries, strawberries, cream cheese frosting, chocolate chips, candied pecans and chocolate sauce. Seriously.

Also we saw women wearing these
and these

to the movies. No, not a movie premiere. Your typical AMC 24 cinema. Isn't that wonderful!?

Thanks for the good times Miami!

I'll be back next year with taller shoes and a some more animal print!

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