Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebrity Spotlight- Taylor Swift

"I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!!!"- Buddy the Elf

That's how I felt when I first discovered Taylor Swift. I was in Austin, TX for work and my mom had made me a copy of her first album. The first song I heard was " Picture to Burn" and . . . let's just say I could relate at the time. Later that fall, she came out with a Christmas album! For Target! Taylor, Target, and Christmas music! Has there ever been a more perfect combination? Anyways, I eagerly anticipated the release of Fearless and Speak Now, and each cd spent at least 3 months on continuous repeat in my car. So what is so wonderful about T Swift?

Well, I obviously love her music. I've always been a fan of pop and country and Taylor is the greatest combination since Shania Twain. Except she's even better! Sorry, Shania, you still look great though! When I listen to a Taylor Swift song I am instantly transported to a time in my life where I felt EXACTLY like that. Maybe it seems weird that an (almost) 27 year old and an 11 year old could both say " Taylor Swift really gets me." But maybe that's what makes her so great.
I love how Taylor writes songs about her life and cleverly calls out boys who treated her wrong or charmingly hints at a current crush. Can you imagine having the platform of a Grammy winning album to tell your teenage ex boyfriend what you really think? All I ever did was post cryptic song lyrics in my AIM profile and wonder if people could figure out what I meant. "What? Oh that's just a Yellowcard song I really like . . . no special meaning, or anything."

Taylor is also friends with pretty much every celebrity I am obsessed with. Emma Stone? BFFs!

Reese Witherspoon? Oh you know, they just grab lunch and talk about how Jake couldn't committ.

What's that Taylor Lautner? Bella put you in the friend zone and now Swifty did too? Oh well, at least you get front row tix to her concerts.

Now Taylor is on a tour (which I missed when she cancelled her Charlotte, NC show due to bronchisits!!!!!) and is pulling out surprise guests at every stop!

T.I.! Nicki Minaj! The Biebs! Kenny Chesney! Tim McGraw! Taylor is literally the most popular girl in school!

Oh and did I mention her clothes? I like to say that some of what I wear is celebrity/movie insprired. I think its actually entirely T. Swift inspired. Taylor can be casual, bohemian, or up the glam with her hundreds of sparkly dresses. And as I mention time and time again, I love when a girl rocks her natural blonde curls! Here's a few times where I pretended to be Taylor.

And to all of those Taylor haters out there? She was the youngest person to ever win a Grammy for album of the year! An album she wrote! Fearless was the best selling album of 2008 AND 2009! She's friends with T.I.! So you're clearly in the minority. Anyways, she'll probably write a song about you.

And I know I'll love it!

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  1. LOVE this and I'm sure Taylor would agree. I also love the fact that two of your above look alike pictures were for my shower and bachelorette party (a taylor inspired weekend) and in another one is a hat we both own! I'm so sorry you didn't get to see her in Charlotte but when I win front row tickets to her Jacksonville concert you can definitely come and hopefully we'll get invited to the T-party afterwards! That's when Taylor will realize we are perfect best friends for her and invite us on tour to be her back up dancers!