Saturday, October 1, 2011

Go team?

Two days, two posts about professional sports. Who am I?

The other weekend I went to the Panthers vs. Packers football game. My first NFL game ever! However, I have been in a stadium before. At Raymond James stadium where the Bucs play! For the NSYNC "Pop" wordwide tour of course!

Both events involved a lot of sweat, tears, and guys in matching outfits.
Speaking of outfits, I asked my boyfriend if he would get me a pink Panthers jersey to wear so I could be like Jessica Simpson when she went to watch Tony play.

He said that seemed like a waste of money for what will likely be my only NFL game ever. Oh well. Here I am in my Panthers tee with a feline inspired belt.

And my friend Lauren who had better accessories and as it turns out, a better team to cheer for!

And now I leave you with my favorite movie scene about football.

Mr. zero knew.

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