Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Footloose Review

27 years ago, the original Footloose movie came out in theaters. Also 27 years ago, I was born. I saw the remake this weekend-the dancing and storyline felt brand new! As for me- I felt at least 10 years younger!

When I first heard about a Footloose remake starring Zac Efron I thought "that sounds about right." Then Zac dropped out and Chase Crawford was in! Nate Archibald dancing? Sure, why not? Then Chase AND Kenny Ortega left and I thought the movie was hopeless.

But Kenny Wormwald IS Ren. I loved how I didn't know him from a previous role so when he stepped into Bomont, GA with his cute Boston accent I was all "Oh hi Ren, nice to meet you, I like your ray bans."

Also excited to meet Ren? Julianne Hough as Ariel. Wow, is Julianne/Ariel cute or what? Cute hair, cute southern accent, cute preacher's daughter/bad girl attitude, cute clothes-

and PERFECT dance moves! I love that this movie has two leads who can actually dance! Everything from booty dancing in a burger joint parking lot to the everybody-cuts-loose finale was perfectly choreographed and featured an amazing soundtrack. There is a line dancing scene that reminded me so much of summer nights at
The Round Up with my friends that I was almost in tears.

And I should mention that this IS a teen dance movie. Meaning some parts were a bit over the top and ridiculous. More ridiculous than getting emotional during country line dancing? I was having too much fun to care! Also having too much fun? Miles Teller as the awkward, sweet and ADORABLE Willard! He nearly steals the show!

I need to confess that I always feel about 17. I mean, I know I'm older and I hope I've matured some in these past 10 years. But I still get excited about cute boys in sunglasses and red cowboy boots and standing up for your right to dance!

So thanks Footloose, for giving me two hours of pure fun at the movies and encouragement to put Botox off for a few years . Now excuse me, I'm off to kick off my Sunday shoes!

Footloose, rated "PG-13," teen dance movie ( I think I just made that a genre), starring Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough, A

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