Monday, October 10, 2011

Movie Theater To Do List

1. Dolphin's Tale. Heartwarming fun for the whole family, filmed in my hometown!

2. What's Your Number. It may be as terrible as the reviews suggest. BUT maybe its not. MTAD at its finest.**

3. 50/50. I heard a great interview on NPR with Joseph Gordan Levitt and the writer of this movie and it was so interesting. I'm sorry, am I 58 years old now?

4. Footloose- out on Friday! And we know how I feel about it.

5. I Don't Know How She Does It. I should just give up now.

6. The Ides of March. Who's dreamier- Ryan Gosling or George Clooney? I'll gladly pay $10 to sit in a theater and figure it out.

** Ed. saw Whats Your Number last night! Wish I hadn't.

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