Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moneyball Review

On Sunday night we had grand plans to go see I Don't Know How She Does It. I was so excited! Nothing cures the Sunday weirds like a great chick flick. We got to the theater and my handsome boyfriend had gotten the times wrong "on accident." There was only one movie at 8pm and we were going to see Moneyball.

I knew the movie was gathering some great reviews. I knew it was getting some Oscar buzz. I knew I would probably enjoy it. What I didn't know was how she does it! And I wanted to! Desperately!

I pouted through all of the previews, including this mess, which literally looks like the worst movie of all time.

The last time I'm predicted a movie would be the "worst of all time" was after seeing the Avatar trailer while waiting for the first Twilight movie to begin. You know what movie won the Best Picture Oscar that year? Not the one that contained the line "hold on tight sweater monkey!" ::cringe:: So who knows.

Anyways, I finally sucked it up and really enjoyed Moneyball. I know nothing about professional baseball but I think anyone who sees this movie can connect with the storyline. It has a great script and wonderful acting. It is really Brad Pitt's movie and he carries the film with a combination of frustration, desperation, and the general ability to be a badass.

You know how a lot of sports movies aren't really about sports? Like how Remember the Titans is really about race relations and singing "Aint No Mountain." And The Blind Side is really about the Tuhoy family and Sandra Bullock looking good in expensive clothes. Well Moneyball is really about sports. And sports statisics. And sports management. Those might be my 3 least favorite topics in the world- but I still liked this movie. And you'll like it too. Especially if you actually show up expecting to see it!

Moneyball, rated "PG-13," drama, starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, B+

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