Saturday, June 9, 2012

Snow White and The Hunstman Review

For a story so focused on determining "the fairest of them all," Snow White and the Huntsman is appropriately gorgeous.  From the enchanted forest, the dramatic battles and the Wicked Queen- every visual is breathtaking.

This version of Snow White attempts to update the fairytale and transform Snow into a tough female figure leading the troops in a war against evil.  While I'm all about girl power, I wasn't really buying Kristen Stewart as the poisoned princess.  We are supposed to accept her as not only the most fair, but the purest of heart and soul and of course, the center of a love triangle with two hotties.  However she mopes, rolls her eyes, and scowls around in typical Bella fashion.

Charlize Theron plays Ravenna, the Queen, and she is basically the prettiest person in the entire world.  So when I told my friend Carly that I seen the movie she immediately asked "Did you have a hard time believing that Charlize would ever be threatened by the beauty of Kristen Stewart?"  Omg YES.  In fact, I spent the majority of the movie treating my boyfriend like my own personal mirror on the wall.  "Ok, so is she actually prettier than Charlize right now? . . . She IS?! . . . Well what about now? . . . Just look at Charlize! . . .Do you think she's had work done? . . . There is NO WAY Kristen is prettier right now!"

I don't think you need a spoiler alert for me to tell you that after all the drama, good triumphs evil and the fairest one of all is left standing.

At least that's my version of the fairytale.

Snow White and The Huntsman , rated "PG-13," action/ fantasy, starring Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth "B-"

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