Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ask CFC- Flared Jeans

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE reading advice columns.  I read Dear Prudence twice a week, Carolyn Hax daily, and the occasional Dear Abby and Dan Savage.  If I didn't already love my job, I'd say I might be looking to become an advice columnist myself.  I don't think you need to particularly wise- just possessing strong opinions and the conviction that you are always right.  Got it!

Anyways, my friend Krysta gchatted me told me she recently purchased some dark wash, flared jeans and she wanted to know
1) does she hem them to an appropriate length with heels?
2) what to wear with them?

Often a giver of unsolicited advice, I jumped on the chance.  "Always wear heels with flared jeans!!" I demanded.  Especially if you are 5'3 or under like Kry and myself. . . you want that flare to stretch out as looong as possible.  

And I think she should be looking for some blouses and blazers that go with the tailored looks of these jeans.  I told her to search for some pics of Jessica Alba and Kristen Cavallari- who always look great in denim.  Also Lauren Conrad and as always, the Kardashians.

Do you have a question for CFC?  Planning a vacation and want to know what celebs are wearing on the beach this summer?  Looking for a good cry and wondering when the next Nicholas Sparks movie will be in theaters?  Having boy troubles and you couldn't help but think WWCBD?  (What Would Carrie Bradshaw Do, obvi)  Feel free to ask away!

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