Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bond is Back, and so is Miranda Priestly

First, two new trailers to watch:


The third (and perhaps final) Bond movie with Daniel Craig.  I love everything about this trailer, especially the “Murder? Employment” exchange and the shot of Bond in a tux in some sort of Chinese gondola?!

Les Miserables

I blogged about this a few weeks ago, and conveniently the trailer has arrived!  I think its going to amazing.  I couldn’t help but wonder why Anne decided to chop off her hair?  Surely she could have found a Fantine-in-prostitution wig somewhere.  I’ve decided she’s really gunning for a Supporting Actress Oscar.  The Academy is always impressed by dramatic weight loss or gain, and de-beautifying yourself.  Right Charlize, Hilary and Nicole?

Lauren Weisberger has announced a sequel to The Devil Wear’s Prada book that will be released in 2013!  Honestly, I think DWP is one of the very few instances where the movie was better than the book.  I mean, to see those clothes on the big screen . . . also the performances are fantastic.  But I will definitely read the book if only to optimistically prepare myself for a possible movie sequel?!?  What are the chances they can get Anne, Meryl, Emily and Stanley back together?  Oh man, I can only hope I’ll be breathlessly blogging about the trailer release for Revenge Wears Prada in 2014!

That’s all.

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