Friday, May 25, 2012

The Dictator Review

In my humble opinion, here's what happened with the making of the Dictator: Sacha Baron Cohen wanted to make another outrageous, offensive, hilarious, "Americans think they're so civilized but the jokes on you!" mockumentary. And movie execs were like "Ehhh."

So they combined the general idea of Borat and Bruno and made another "clueless and annoying foreigner makes his way to America" movie, but this time entirely scripted and with a romantic comedy twist. And then poor Sacha promoted the hell out of it on every Kabletown NBC Universal venue possible. Including dumping ashes on Ryan Seacrest and being interviewed not once, but twice on The Today Show where the entire crew referred to him as "The Dictator." Awkward.

So does the movie work? Sometimes. It was certainly outrageous and at times very funny- definitely some lol moments. But I didn't come out of the theater saying "Well that was hilarious!" I think Ryan Seacrest knows the feeling.

The Dictator, rated "R," comedy, starring Sacha Baron Cohen and Ana Faris "C+"

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