Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Date with Elton John

I realize this is all old news, but there's a few things I need to get off my chest about celebrity couples.

First, I think its great that Brad and Angie are engaged.

But all these stories released to People mag about how Brad spent a YEAR designing the ring? Barf. I mean the the ring is huge, but sort of garish, no?

Annnd there's no set wedding date? Just get married already. As Miranda famously said,

" I have a child. (or 6!!!) The jig is up."

However I am totally obsessed with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan for the following reasons:

1. I once read an interview in GQ where the writer snuck a peak at Channing's phone and revealed that Jenna is listed as "Baby Butt."

2. They recently performed a sexy dance routine for a benefit concert for the rainforest. After Chan danced with Elton John. Nice to know those Step Up rehearsals still come in handy.

3. Jenna planned a Dirty Dancing themed flash mob for Channing's 32 birthday! Where he pulled a total Johnny Castle and lifted her up mid song! Two stars in love acting out a chick flick ?!?! I've never been so happy.

Did you know that Jenna had a brief fling with Justin Timberlake? In fact she was the inspiration behind the mysterious brunette in the Cry Me a River music video.

I love T. Swift, but she really owes some credit to JT for not-so-subtle pop song diss.

And while we're on the topic of Justin . . . what to say about the impending nuptials with Jessica? Apparently a big summer wedding is on the horizon. Contrary to what you probably think, I really would like to see Justin end up with a nice girl . . . even if that nice girl isn't me. And Jessica is very pretty and I loved her character in Valentine's Day, especially when she was running on the treadmill while throwing candy in her mouth. I would totally do that.

But can some one tell me why Jessica insists on wearing this

and this

For a double date with ELTON JOHN AND HIS HUSBAND. No need to shower or put on make up, just come straight from the gym. I mean, seriously? I'm not sure what I would wear out with Sir Elton but it might be something like this

or this

or this.

I'm sorry it's just . . . JT and Brit Brit forever! Can I get an amen?

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  1. JUSTIN AND BRITNEY, best pop star power couple of all time! AMEN!!
    On a side note, I adore Jessica Biel and think she is classic without makeup, and maybe she had a perfectly reasonable explanation for that grey top. Like leather pants?