Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Lucky One- Review

Oh Nicholas Sparks. You never really try to surprise us. And you don't have to. We know that if we read one of your books or buy a ticket for a movie based on one of your books, we'll get exactly what we asked for.

1) Small, sleepy, coastal town in the south
2) Friendly folks who live in the town with a few quirky characters in there as well
3) Boy meets girl
4) Girl can't help herself falling for boy even though she
a) has had her heart broken
b) is in love with someone else
c) has some secret from her past that prevents her from loving anyone, ever
5) Tragedy, war, misunderstandings drive boy and girl apart (but not before at least one tastefully sexy love scene)
6) Someone dies
7) Boy and girl end up together . . . maybe.

And the latest Nicholas Sparks book turned movie, The Lucky One, delivers on all 7 accounts.

Plus, Zac Efron!

And cute southern clothes on costar Taylor Schilling!

A few complaints- while the storyline is very dramatic and touching, I really didn't find myself wiping away any tears- I enjoyed the movie but wasn't incredibly moved by any of it.

Taylor looks a bit too old for Zac- she's totally gorgeous of course but they seemed a bit mismatched.

Of course since Taylor is 27 ( like me) and Zac is 24 you might say I am too old for him. I would never say that!

One bonus was the lovely soundtrack- especially this song which I now have on repeat.

The Lucky One, rated "PG-13," romance, starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling "B-"

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  1. She does look too old for him! First thing I thought when I saw the trailer for the first time!