Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gentlemen Callers

When I used to go on dates in high school, I was at a complete loss for what to wear. There's only two things more embarrassing than being a teenage girl.

1) Wearing the wrong thing on a date as a teenage girl
2) Asking the teenage guy you're going out with what you should wear

So my mom and I devised a great little system. I would be totally ready to go and wearing a cute top I had picked out. Then my mom would peer out the window when my date arrived. She would yell to me what he was wearing- jeans! shorts! (are there any more options for a 17 year old boy?) And then I would quickly decide what bottoms I needed to wear- Hollister jeans! Forever 21 skirt! (Are there any other options for a 17 year old girl?)

Oh, halter top and American Eagle denim skirt while dancing on the beach? Another good outfit choice from my high school years.

Anyways, I love telling this story because it makes it seem like I had all of these dates in high school and that my mom was all sorts of Mrs. Bennett from Pride and Predjudice/ Amanda Wingfield from The Glass Menagerie asking if I had a "gentleman caller." Neither of these points are true, but I promise I really did get dressed at the last minute thanks my mom's spying.

I was reminded of this the other week when I was getting dressed to go out with my boyfriend. We were planning on going to our favorite mexican/sushi restaraunt so I was wearing a floral tank top and cropped jeans. Similar to this pic of Amanda Seyfriend on the March issue of Glamour.

Except I had already dried my hair and my shirt actually had a back. As I was headed out the door I got a text. We were trying a new place downtown. So I switched out the jeans for my new pink maxi skirt (Old Navy for $12,) snapped a pic, and headed on my way.

It would be convenient if this was the look from the April issue of Glamour, but instead we have this shot of Lauren Conrad.

Lounging topless in her underwear? I guess LC is also waiting to get dressed for a date.

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  1. Everything about this post made me smile, even naked LC.
    But even her bare back was nothing compared to the awesome American Eagle outfits we used to wear in high school! Love that pink halter - because I had it in green!! (Pink was never my color)