Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy Weekend- Just Got Paid

Oh man, are weekends the best or what? This is the first weekend in forever where I haven't had major plans or had to work. And it feels so great! Also, yesterday was payday which meant I spent the evening humming "Just got paid, Friday night, party hoppin, feelin right." Except I was just going to my parents house for dinner.

And this morning I had to immediately find this clip on youtube. It's everything remember it being and more!

As soon as I started watching it I realized I remember all of the words AND the dance moves! How cool is the girl (who they picked out of the audience!!) who subtly puts her arm around JC as they're dancing?! She was my role model for years.

Looking for movies to watch this weekend?

In theaters:
The Hunger Games- I've seen it twice. You should probably see it at least once to see what all the hype is about.
The Lucky One- going tonight! Review will be posted soon.
The Five Year Engagement-getting great reviews. A lot of people are comparing it to Forgetting Sarah Marshall! Hoping to see it Sunday night with my boo.
Think Like A Man- making serious $ at the box office, so that's promising
Chimpanzee- a baby chimpanzee who loses his mommy?? I've cried enough recapping the Royal Wedding, no thanks.

To rent:
I loved 30 Rock Live this week, so in honor of a few the stars, and guest stars . .
Baby Mama- whenever I tell people this movie is hilarious they're like "ehh" and then they watch it and are like "omg! so funny!"
Date Night - worth it for the pairing of Fey and Carrell
Fever Pitch- seriously, such an underrated rom-com. I love this movie!
The Town - implausible, but still awesome. Jon Hamm looks great but Blake Lively's absurd Boston accident is laughable. Also, Ben Affleck, yay.

All totally rent worthy.

Happy weekend!

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