Friday, July 13, 2012

To Rome with Love Review

One of the reasons I love actually seeing movies in the theater is that you get a little bit of an escape.  When I rent a movie I'm tempted to talk, text, wipe down the kitchen counter or blog.  But for two hours in a dark movie theater I can escape from anything else that is on my mind.

To Rome with Love is certainly a lovely escape.  It's a vacation abroad through delightful scenes of the city. It's an escape from worries as each minor conflict in the vignettes is played for laughs.  It's a departure from reality as time stands still and fantasies come to life.  Sounds a lot like Woody Allen's last love letter to a city, Midnight in Paris, right?  Well, I didn't love to Rome with Love. But I enjoyed my trip there!

To Rome with Love, rated "R," comedy, starring Woody Allen, Penelope Cruz, and Jesse Eisenberg "B-"

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