Monday, July 23, 2012


The other night, I was chatting with my friend Lauren about how to tell a potential suitor that she just wasn't interested.  "Well, what would Emily Maynard do?" I asked.

After last night, we know exactly what she would do.  She would let him down gently (although not very directly), she would choose the greatest guy to ever wear a magnetic boutonniere, and she would go down in history as the greatest Bachelorette of all time.

Also, she would wear some really cute clothes.  Emily's dress and boots for her date with sure shot Jef inspired my look for last Friday night.

And ever since I saw Emily on Live with Kelly in a romper and belt and blazer, I've been wanting to restyle my own printed onesie.

Final roses and fake ponytails aside, I think we can all agree that last night's episode accomplished the impossible.  For once, reality tv seemed real.  And if you ever feel the need to ask yourself WWEMD, I'll tell you the answer.  Stay true to yourself, trust your instincts, never give up on love and you too will find your Forever.  With one f. 

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