Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best Wishes

By now, we've all heard the joyous news that our girl Jen is engaged!!  Of course all the celeb news outlets are freaking out.  Although I'm sure she's like "cool it guys."

 She's the most (perhaps only?) successful Friend

 has THE hottest body in Hollywood

was married to Brad when he looked like this

and not this

and always looks effortlessly stylish.

But all anyone cares about is "Will Jen find love again?"  And now that's she's getting married maybe we can all calm down a bit.

But I do want everyone to be aware that her fiance had a few flings with Ms. Bradshaw.  First as the guy Carrie flirts with before she drags Mr. Big downtown to ask her if he wants to "stand still."

And then he showed up as Vaughn, the writer with the great mom, who . . .  umm . .  specialized in "short stories."

Jen is my pretend celebrity bff and I will  always think she is impossibly cool- married or not.  So while I actually squealed out loud when I read that she was engaged, I reminded myself that this wasn't the only great thing to happen in her life.

And as for Justin, he's been writing the scripts of full-length features Iron Man 2, Rock of Ages and Zoolander 2.  So I guess he's got that short story thing under control.

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