Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog Crushes

For quite some time before I started writing this blog, I started reading blogs. A lot of them. I went through the stages of

1. I don't really like reading blogs

2. I love reading blogs but I could never write one

3. I could write I blog but I never would

4. If I did write a blog, what would I even write about?

5. I know exactly what I'd write about, but I'm not actually doing it.

6. Omg, am I actually starting a blog?

7. I love my blog, but I never have time to write anything or read any other blogs!

The blogs I read (when I have time) fall into 3 cateogories- healthy living blogs, fashion blogs, and lifestyle blogs- mainly best friends who I miss dearly.

My blog doesn't really fall into any of those formats. And I'm not saying "oh yay isn't my blog unique" but I sometimes do wish there were more movie reviews/romantic comedy ramblings/random outfit posting blogs out there.

Here are two superstar blogs that I would like to compare this little blog to.

Suri's Burn Book
Thanks to my friend Jess for sending this along. I wish I knew who wrote it! (I don't think it's Suri.)

The Concerns of Mindy Kaling
After reading this, and posting this, AND enjoying her blog . . . I thought it was impossible to love Mindy anymore. But I have a feeling reading her book might put me over the edge!

So if you enjoy CFC, I think you will also enjoy these blogs! If you don't enjoy CFC, then I completely understand. Sometimes I annoy myself too.

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