Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In Time Review

Halfway through the previews before In Time, I whined to my boyfriend "I will never see ANY of these movies." "Be honest" he replied, "you wouldn't even see this one if Justin wasn't the star."

Valid point. But I did and now I'm here to give you a review! I have to say that although I understood the basic concept of In Time from the trailer, the idea of time = money didn't really resonate with me until I actually saw the movie. So if you run out of money, you run out of time. When you run out of time . . . you die. Believe me when I say this was glaringly clear from the start and it provided some painfully intense scenes.

I felt that In Time had a bit of an identity crisis. It was partly an incredibly relevant social commentary. In fact, I actually whispered "Omg they are the 99% And he is the 1%!" I mean, the release of this movie could not have been more timely. Pun intended.

But In Time also had a suspenseful, mad-cap, Bonnie and Clyde feel. Which was enjoyable to watch, but sort added to the implausability of it all. I firmly believe that too often films are expected to have far greater meaning than pure entertainment, so this isn't a complaint!

Ok, can we talk about Justin now? Y'all, he is a movie star!! I'm torn because I NEED new JT music but I so loved his turn as an action star. And you know Justin loved (literally) punching his former boy band persona to the curb. It was 100% his movie and I thought he was great. I think Justin has made incredibly smart choices in the movies he has signed on to.

Justin once again has great chemistry with his leading lady. Amanda Seyfriend is so gorgeous in this movie, I can't even handle it. Her relationship with Justin's character takes some interesting turns throughout the movie, and, as in anyone's JT relationship fantasies (maybe just mine?) she just so happens to be fabuously dressed throughout.

Apparently in the future we will wear sky high heels, dresses made with rich fabrics and fitted waists, and impeccable eyeliner. Looking forward to it!

Go see In Time if you're in the mood for an entertaining flick that is also going to give you something to talk about when people bring up Occupy Wall Street. Or go see it because Justin Timberlake is hot.

InTime, rated "PG-13," action/drama, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, B

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