Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friends with Benefits review

A few rules about movie reviews.

1. They are just my opinion. And I'm not very picky.

2. I will not give away the plot of the movie. Nothing annoys me more than reading the critic's reviews, then seeing the movie and anticipating every scene because I already read about it.

3. I'm giving letter grades because that works for me. There will be no grading curve.

I was so excited to see Friends with Benefits. The trailer looked hilarious and most importantly, Justin Randall Timberlake is my all time favorite celebrity crush. I can't say I was completely blown away by his work in The Social Network, although he is always adorably humorous on SNL. Regardless, JT in his first rom com was something I was not going to miss!

I saw FWB the weekend it came out with my friend Lauren. It was , as I tweeted Justin afterwards, "funny, sexy, and smart!" (He didn't tweet back.) Justin and Mila have real chemistry as Dylan and Jamie- friends who get it on and try to stay drama free. The movie is very "now" and I know I'll enjoy watching it in a few years and remembering some of the pop culture references. "Friends with Benefits" is rated "R" for a reason- we definitely get a view of the benefits! (aka Justin's cute butt)

Most of all, I loved the character development of Dylan and Jamie. Yes, we get to watch some hilarious and at times swoon-worthy love scenes, but there is a legitimate storyline that encourages you to root for them. As my mom said when she called me to discuss the movie "there was a lot more meat to it than I expected!" Thats what she said mom, thats what she said.

Friends with Benefits, rated "R", romantic comedy, starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. B

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