Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celebrity Spotlight- Regis

I'm sorry about all of the spotlights lately. I love celebs, what can I say!

Okay, so we all remember the last episode of our favorite tv shows. Like sobbing on the couch with Krysta at the end of Dawson's Creek, or saying goodbye to all of our favorite friends on Friends. Or wishing Rory well as she boarded the Obama journalist bus and settling for Luke and Lorelai finally reuniting with a kiss. Can we get a movie to continue the Gilmore storyline?

Anyways, as you probably know, and if you don't, I can't believe you're even reading this, Friday was Regis Philbin's last day on Live! with Regis and Kelly. Although this wasn't the last episode of Live, the show is ending as we know it.

And I know it so well! I cannot remember a time when Live was not on tv. Growing up I associated watching Live with summer vacations, Christmas breaks, and random days off from school. In high school I loved that I could get a question right on my Latin vocab test simply by remembering that Regis meant "of the king."

And Regis truly is the king of tv! He has logged more hours in front of a tv camera than anyone else. Ever. Regis is charming and well dressed and sings and tells the best stories. He's like a member of the Rat Pack who somehow found his way into daytime tv. Reeg is a New York man about town. His tales of benefits and performances and fine dining put my 27 yr old social life to shame. I used to think being a talk show would be the greatest job in the world. I still think that's true, but not everyone can do it. Regis is talk show perfection.

A few years ago, I finally got a DVR and got to record Live while I was at work! I look forward to watching the show at lunch or after work each day. Regardless of the celebrity guests, my absolute favorite part of every show is the first 15 minutes-the unscripted "host chat" that is Reeg's signature style. Coming from a celeb fanatic that's a huge compliment!

Last December I went to NYC and got to be in the audience of Live. It was not only one of my favorite parts of the trip but one of my favorites all-time memories! After the show Gelman announced that Regis would be signing copies of his Christmas CD in the lobby. My aunt and mom bought copies and lined up to meet Regis while my cousin and I planned to take their pics. "Are you sure you don't want to get a cd?" my mom asked. "Well, I guess so . . ." I shrugged. So I took my place in line.

I watched as my mom and aunt shook Regis' hand and calmly made small talk while he signed their cd and posed for a picture. All of a sudden, it was my turn. As I walked toward him, all 27 years of tv viewing flashed before my eyes. "Regis, I'm SUCH a big fan!" I blurted out, my eyes filling with tears. " I've been watching you my whole life!!!" My cousin looked on, frozen with embarrassment and ready to take our picture. "Well, that's so nice" said Regis, not at all freaked out by a girl suddenly acting like a teenybopper in his presence. "Thanks for watching all of those years." Regis, always a gentleman.

With Regis leaving Live, it doesn't quite feel like we're losing a tv show to watch. It feels like we're losing an old friend. In typical Philbin fashion, Regis has not only displayed mock outrage, but referred to himself in the third person when people suggest he is retiring. "Regis isn't retiring! He's moving on!" he's hilariously shouted from the cohost desk. Well, best of luck Regis . . . but please don't move too far away.

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