Monday, March 26, 2012

What Makes Me Cry- Superbad

In Mindy Kaling's completely awesome book, she wrote this sweet little chapter about "non-traumatic" things that make her cry. Because I'm one of those annoying people who interrupts your story to tell you how it relates to me, I immediately started making my own crying list before I finished the first paragraph. I also started making a "things that make me happy" list because I think that's what Oprah would do.

Now obviously I cry at the ending of most romantic comedies, any holiday Hallmark commercials, and when I mess up the wing of my eyeliner when I'm already 10 minutes late. But there's a few completely random pop culture moments that just make me lose it.

Like this scene from Superbad. First of all I LOVE Superbad in all its raunchy, dorky glory. It's without a doubt one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. But I also love this scene between Jonah Hill as Seth and Emma Stone as Jules. Seth is crying because the night hasn't gone as planned and that's just so high school. Every night and every moment seems like your last chance to really make something happen. When you're a senior in high school you have so much freedom but you're not at all independent. You feel kind of helpless and a lot of times hopeless -which is how Seth feels here. And that's why a drunken rant in a gross-out movie (starring two 2012 Oscar nominees!) makes me tear up.

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