Monday, March 12, 2012

Project X Review

I've never been much of a party girl . . . especially in high school. According to various teen comedies this was basically unheard of and according to real life- I think that's true. I remember coming home for winter break my freshmen year of college and telling my friends "I don't think we had a typical high school experience." They agreed.

It wasn't so much that I was a conscientious objector, although I'd like to think that was the case, but I was totally oblivious. The fact that gigantic, wine cooler fueled, run- from-the-cops kind of parties actually existed was almost unheard of to me. After seeing Project X, I think I can say I witnessed all of the teenage debauchery I missed out on so many years ago.

Project X is a comedy but I spent most of the movie gasping instead of laughing. It takes a basic premise-slightly nerdy high school kids who want to be cool and get girls and turns it into a tale of a party gone completely and wildly out of control.

This movie is shot from the hand held cameras of the "teens" at the party so it takes on a Blair Witch/ Paranormal Activity feel. I usually don't comment on the actual direction of a film because I am woefully ignorant of such things but. . . I thought the entire set up was genius. It makes total sense that teens would film a party and upload it to YouTube or Facebook. Partying isn't just about having a good time anymore- its about making sure that everyone knows you had a good time.

One of the best parts of watching Project X was seeing the reactions of the guys in the theater. All of them (my boyfriend included) were laughing out loud, clapping, slapping their knee and generally hooting and hollering like the seventeen year old kids they used to be. If you're a guy who ever even thought of having a massive party in high school, I'm pretty sure you will love Project X.

A funny thing happened as the movie (and excessive sex, drugs, and rock and roll ) came to and end. Instead of feeling completely shocked and appalled by the 90 minutes I walked out of the theater thinking "that was. . . awesome!" You know what they say - "You have to fight for your right to party." Or so I've heard.

Project X, rated "R," comedy, starring actors who look like they're actually in high school, "B+"

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