Thursday, March 29, 2012

I must confess

Well, I have two confessions to make to all 8 people who read this blog.

1. I don't really like Pinterest. Shameful, I know. I understand how it works, in fact I remember reading about it a lot last Spring and thinking it sounded great! After hearing everyone talk about this fall and winter for months on end, I finally joined. And never did anything with it again. I haven't pinned a single recipe, wedding idea, hairstyle, or DIY project. Well, if I have it's by accident. I mean, it's a great idea and I even use the olden day form of Pinterest- a binder containing pages of outfits and makeup tips I've torn out of magazines over the past few years. But actually interacting on Pinterest makes me think of another to-do list I'll have trouble getting to. Will I actually make a new centerpiece for my table out of old mason jars and will I ever get to hang designer clothes in a cleverly organized closet the size of a master bedroom? Probably not. Also, what if people see what I've pinned and think I have terrible taste?! Is Pinterest going to become the knew "WTF I can't believe she thinks that looks good" social networking site. Not that I've ever said that about anyone on Facebook. Nope.

2) I finally got The Hunger Games book because I do want to see it in theaters and I've heard enough buzz about the book to know its a must-read before the movie. And . . . I don't really like it. Isn't that the worst thing you've ever heard? I mean, its interesting enough and maybe I haven't given myself time but I was expecting to be sucked in immediately. So far I feel like if I have nothing else I wanna do, I might read a few pages. Maybe I really do watch too much tv.

Not that I've gotten that off my chest I'm feeling better and less judgemental. Anything you'd like to confess tonight?


  1. I hated the hunger games at first! It gets better....I have a confession, I've been reading One Day for months and can't get through it bc I don't like it!

  2. i think your dislike of the hunger games is just a classic case of high expectations. give it a chance!

  3. Blasphemy!!
    But seriously, I think Claire's got it right... the high hype might kill it for you. I first loved it when I had only heard a handful of great recommendations about it, and proceeded to tell everyone I knew to get their hands on a copy ASAP.
    But the same thing happened to me with Black Swan. Everyone RAVED about how it was earth-shatteringly different and the creepiest horror-but-not-really-horror movie in a million years! And then I saw it and just felt like... yuck. The hype made me think it would change my life, but instead I just feel slightly uncomfortable whenever Mila Kunis is on TV.