Monday, February 27, 2012

Farewell Awards Season 2012

I don't know if it's because it's a Monday, I'm recovering from a cold, or I wore myself out with excessive posts about awards season

But I'm feeling kind of an Oscars letdown. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled when The Artist won and I was surprised and genuinely happy for Meryl. But it just seemed that the show didn't have much to offer. Same with the fashion! Here were a few of my bright spots on an overall dull red carpet:

Giuliana Rancic- usually I think she looks a little too severe, a little too structural. This was lovely.

Michelle Williams- I love the ruffles and the frills and the color. She looked generally happy and comfortable in this!

Kate Mara- so much better than her sister. Can she move her arm in that sling? Oh well, too pretty to care.

Ellie Kemper- I just LOVE Ellie as Erin on the Office and I just LOVE this sparkly gown, blunt bangs, red hair combo.

Cameron Diaz- This dress is fun and flirty while still showing off those guns.

My favorite of the night

Rose Bryne- again! I love the sequins, the back is to die for, her makeup is stunning. I sincerely hope she appears in at least one nominated film next year- her red carpet choices are too good to go to waste!

You know I literally just typed two paragraphs about I can't stand Angelina Jolie and how I hated her dumb pose with her leg out and then I realized I didn't really want to blog about that and I deleted it.

But it was pretty stupid. What I do want to blog about is how I just love Jean Dujardin SO much. Everytime he accepts an award in broken English or has to have his interview questions translated to him I feel like he is George Valetin struggling with the decline of his stardom and I just want to buy all his possessions for him and keep them in a big room in my house until he discovers them and I have to chase him down and then tap dance with him!!!

I'd really like Rose Byrne and Jean to be in some sort of wonderful French tap dance movie with sequined costumes. Oscars 2013 preview, you read it here first.

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