Saturday, January 28, 2012

It's An Honor

. . . to be nominated. Or so they say.

Academy Award nominations were released this week! You can view the full list of nominees here. I said I wanted to see as many movies that were up for Best Picture as possible, which brings my movie to-do list to:

The Artist (really excited about this one)

War Horse (eh, I'm sure its good but, as discussed with friends the other night, could there ever be a better horse movie than Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken?)

Hugo (not even out in theaters right now so that probably won't work)

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (I've heard its very polarizing- I'm excited to form an opinion!)

I also think Bryce Dallas Howard should have been nominated for The Help and Ryan Gosling for The Ides of March. Yay for Bridesmaids getting some recognition!

I'm declaring February to be Oscar's month on the blog, so you'll be seeing some posts on red carpet fashion, great acceptance speeches of yesteryear, and my own personal version of CFC movie awards. If only I could get Harry Burns/Miracle Max to host this year.

Any thoughts on nominee snubs? Anyone want to join me as I check movies off my list?

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