Sunday, January 29, 2012

Leather and Lace

So I sort of forgot that I owned this skirt, and then after discovering it in the depths of despair (underneath a pile of clothes to donate in my closet) I wore it twice in one week.

First, out to dinner and drinks downtown last Monday.

I think that should be a requirement for every Monday evening- helps immensely with the Sunday weirds.

And to work last Wednesday.

I guess I've been into cranberry colors lately? I got a new lipgloss called cranberry cocktail. Yum!

I bought this skirt a year and half ago at TJ Maxx. I tried to find it online to show you a more detailed pic but its no where to be found. Anyways its a leather and lace bandage skirt, which sounds more scandalous than necesssary. When I bought it, I was in the height of my Gossip Girl obsession, and I was kind of into Jenny Humphrey and the new mean girls bringing biker chic to the Upper East Side.

Happy 100th episode Gossip Girl! Please let Chuck and Blair get married instead, ala The Philadelphia Story, and call it a day.

"But I hope to make it up to you by going beautifully through with it now as originally and most beautifully planned."


  1. I love those cranberry tights! You know, it's only been cold here 2 days this winter. So sad

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