Sunday, January 8, 2012

The definition of CFC

If you've ever wondered what it meant to "apply the rules of a romantic comedy to everyday life" here's your answer. I was getting ready for work last week and heard the first part of this story on the Today show. As I was sipping my morning tea, I heard Ann say

"Here's an interesting story about a woman who got pulled over and issued a speeding ticket by a police officer. He tracked her down and asked her on a date!"

Already I'm thinking "so cute! I bet this is leading to really sweet proposal where he writes 'will you marry me' on a speeding ticket!" But no.

Here's how things ended up. In retrospect, it does sound totally creepy. But admit it, would this not be an adorable rom-com starring Katherine Heigl as a career minded woman who happens to be a terrible driver AND have perfect hair? And Patrick Demspey as the handsome police officer who is at first exasperated with her inability to follow traffic rules, but then wins her heart? "That's the Ticket" would be the title. The poster would feature the tagline "There's No Speed Limit on Love."

And that's what it means to be Chick Flick Chic.

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